MA in Linguistics

The Master of Arts in Linguistics is a 2-year specialized programme spread over 4 semesters. A student registered for the M.A Linguistics programme will be required to do 16 courses (80 credits) in all. Each course will fetch him/her 5 credits.
Of the total 80 credits, 50 credits will be from core papers, 20 credits from optional papers and 10 credits from outside the department.

Aims and Objectives:

The main aim of this programme is to provide students a thorough grounding in modern theoretical linguistics as well as applying these theories in the analysis of languages, with special focus on Northeast Indian languages. Students gain a basic understanding of the major core areas of linguistics: phonetics and phonology, morphology, syntax; and semantics and pragmatics, and also applied areas like language acquisition, sociolinguistics, etc.


A Bachelor’s degree in any discipline with 55% marks for general/OBC, 50% marks for SC/ST candidates. (Note: In the case of Hons. degree, only Hons. marks will be considered.)


Pursuing the qualifying programme mentioned above (provided the candidate has passed the exam by the time of admission and has scored the minimum eligibility percentage as mentioned above) (Note: In the case of Hons. degree, only Hons. marks will be considered.)


The notification for admission is issued in the month of December/January. Admission is on the basis of the eligibility criteria and an online entrance test. The Entrance Test for admission in this programme has three sections:
Section A: English Language Ability
Section B: Analytical Skills
Section C: Linguistic Ability

List of papers (2018-19):

Semester I

  1. LS-111: Phonetics and Spoken English
  2. LS-131: Basic Issues in Morphology
  3. LS-141: Basic issues in Syntax
  4. LS-100: Introduction to Languages of India

Semester II

  1. LS-311: Linguistic Phonetics
  2. LS-121: Basic Issues in Phonology
  3. LS-252: Lexical Semantics
  4. One paper from outside the department

Semester III

  1. LS- 361: Research in Language Acquisition
  2. LS-341: Introduction to Minimalism
  3. LS-203: Lexicography or LS-202: Language universals and Linguistic Typology
  4. One paper from outside the department

Semester IV

  1. LS-101: Introduction to Sociolinguistics
  2. LS-321: Introduction to Optimality Theory: Phonology
  3. LS-303: Linguistic Structure of Tibeto-Burman Languages or LS-304: Linguistic Structure of Austro-Asiatic Languages
  4. Thesis (Field methods and Research methodology will be taught)

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