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About the Department

The Department of English Language Education which is the oldest in the campus , seeks to develop the proficiency levels of the learners of English as a second language through the different courses it offers across departments within the campus.

The Department provides a platform where students are encouraged and empowered to reach their academic potential. Through its research programme, the department aims to develop professionalism and competence in the teaching of English to prospective teachers and researchers by leading them to a deeper understanding of Second Language pedagogy.

The Department had conducted several training programmes for teachers and professionals from within the state , the country and abroad .

The Department has produced doctorates who are presently employed in the colleges and the universities, (both private and government) in the different states of the country.

There are presently 19(nineteen) research scholars registered in the department

Our Mission

  • To improve the English language proficiency of learners of English as a second language
  • To train prospective teachers and foster high levels of professionalism and competence
  • To offer English language support services to government institutions within the state and the North East Region as a whole
  • To offer English language support services to the community
  • To support professionals
  • To help learners with special needs
  • To foster research in English language teacher education

Courses offered

In the BA (Honours) in English programme
– Academic Reading
-Advanced Writing: Seminar
-Approaches and Methods in Language Teaching
-Elective Paper: Discourse Analysis
In the BA JMC programme
-Communication Skills
-Language and Literature I
-Language, Functional Writing and Literature II
-Academic Reading and Writing
In the MA English programme
-ELE -111 ELT in India
-ELE- 142 Approaches to Language Teaching
-ELE -242: Second Language Acquisition Theories
-ELE -311: Bilingual Education
Course- ELE -1: Theoretical Foundations of Language Education
Objective: This course aims to provide the scholars an understanding of the theoretical assumptions of Language Education. It focuses on the issues of languages and language education, philosophy of education and teaching English in India etc. to provide the background knowledge for language pedagogy.
Course ELE- II: Second Language Acquisition Studies
Objective: The aim of this paper is to equip students in understanding the various concepts and theories associated with SLA studies. It also involves students getting acquainted with the current research on SLA and applying these findings in English language teaching.
Course ELE -III: Research Methodology
Objective:The aim of the paper is to help research scholars understand the meaning of research. It attempts to make them aware of various types of research, research ethics, research design and help the scholars in writing the thesis.
Course ELE-IV: Language Education and Management
Objective: The course presents an overview of the field of second language teacher education. It aims to provide learners with a knowledge base of second language teaching and second language teacher practices. The course will besides look into key issues in the professional development of teachers.

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