Name Prof. Awadesh Mishra, Director In-Charge
Educational qualification Ph.D (JNU)
Area/Specialization --
Research interest --
Contact --
e-mail --
Name Prof. T.K. Bamon, HOD - English Language Education
Educational qualification Ph.D (NEHU)
Area/Specialization ELE, ELT
Research interest Teacher Education, Classroom Management, Material Production
Contact --
e-mail tkkharbamon@eflushc.ac.in
Name Ms. Sari Rothangpui Khawbung, Assistant Professor
Educational qualification M.A. (NEHU)
Area/Specialization English Literature, Tribal Literature
Research interest North –East Tribal Literature, Hmar Literature, Culture Studies
Contact +91-9436306872
e-mail sari@eflushc.ac.in
Name Dr. Jayati Chatterjee, Assistant Professor
Educational qualification MA (Pune), M.Phil (CIEFL) PGDTE (CIEFL), Ph.D (DU)
Area/Specialization Linguistics (Syntax), ELT
Research interest ELT, Morphology, Syntax, Grammar, Sociolinguistics, Material Production
Contact --
e-mail jayati@eflushc.ac.in
Name Dr. Arzuman Ara, Assistant Professor, Coordinator for MA programme
Educational qualification Ph.D (EFLU, Shillong Campus), MA (NEHU), M.Phil (CIEFL) PGDTE (CIEFL), BCJ(GU),PGDDE,PGDHE, CTE (IGNOU)
Area/Specialization ELT, Education, English Literature, Literary Theory
Research interest Gender Studies, Post Colonial Studies, ELT, Pedagogy
Contact --
e-mail arzumanara@eflushc.ac.in
Name Ms. Rosy Yumnam, Assistant Professor
Educational qualification MA ( Pune)
Area/Specialization ELT, English Literature
Research interest ELT
Contact +91- 9615220415
e-mail rosy@eflushc.ac.in
Name Dr. T.Temsunungsang, Assistant Professor
Educational qualification MA (NEHU), MPhil (HCU), Ph.D (EFLU,Hyderabad)
Area/Specialization Linguistics, Generative Phonology, Tonal Studies, Tibeto- Burman Studies
Research interest Phonology, Morphology, Tonal Studies
Contact +91- 9615678027
e-mail temsu@eflushc.ac.in
Name Dr. Mousumi G. Banerjee, Associate Professor
Educational qualification M.A. (Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata), M.Phil. (Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata), Ph.D. (Jadavpur University, Kolkata)
Area(s) of Research: Women’s Writing, Victorian’s Women’s Poetry, Emily Dickinson
Research interest Literary Theories, Postmodern Criticisms, Western Philosophy, Text, Language, and Hermeneutics, Poetic Language, Women’s Writing and Writings about Women, Communication Studies, Film Discourse, Twentieth-century Art, Cross-cultural Interfaces
Contact +91 9532104138
e-mail mousumi48@gmail.com
Name Mr. E. Srinivas, Assistant Professor