Department of Linguistics

2 year Master of Arts in Linguistics

From 2013, the University is offering a 2 year MA in Linguistics programme.


Students who have a Bachelor’s degree in any subject or any other degree recognized as equivalent by the University Grants Commission are eligible for the post-graduate programme. Students who have appeared and are awaiting their results may also apply.

Courses Offered :

Semester I

LSS 111:        

Introduction to Linguistics (5 Credits)

LSS 112:        

Phonetics and Basic issues in Phonology I (5 Credits)

LSS 113:        

Basic Issues in Morphology (5 Credits)

LSS 114:        

Introduction to Sociolinguistics (5 Credits)


Semester II

LSS 211:        

Historical Linguistics (5 Credits)

LSS 212:        

Basic Issues in Semantics and Pragmatics (5 Credits)

LSS 213:         

Basic Issues in Syntax (5 credits)

LSS 214:        

Introduction to Psycholinguistics (5 credits)


Semester III

LSS 311:        

Experimental Phonetics (5 Credits)

LSS 312:        

Basic Issues in Phonology II (5 Credits)

LSS 313:        

Structure of South Asian languages (5 Credits)

OPTIONAL:5 Credits each (One of the following to be offered)

LSS 314:         

Recent Developments in Syntax

LSS 315:         

Computational Linguistics     

LSS 316:         

Languages of NE India: Problems and Prospects


Semester IV

LSS 411:        

Lexicography (5 Credits)

OPTIONAL:   5 Credits each (One of the following to be offered)

LSS 412:        

Introduction to Optimality Theory (5 Credits)

LSS 413:         

Linguistic Structure of Tibeto-Burman languages

LSS 414:         

Linguistic Structure of Indo-Aryan languages

LSS 415:         

Linguistic Structure of Austro-Asiatic languages

LSS 416:        

Field Methods and Research Methodology (leading to a Dissertation-5 Credits).

Doctor of Philosophy in English Language Education

The University offers a PhD programme in ELE with a duration of 3-5 years. All students who are accepted into the programme are required to take a 2-semester coursework.


  • MA TESL/MA English (TESL)/MA English with at least one course in the area of ELT (with 55% or as per EFL University grading system norms)
  • A pass in Semster 1 of PGDTE (or an equivalent) with a GPA of 3.00 without an E grade.
  • PGCTE (CIEFL/EFL University) with a minimum GPA of 3.00 without an E grade.
  • MPhil English Language Education
Syllabus is yet to be approved.