Children in Media Experiments (CHIME)


Children in Media Experiments (CHIME) is an initiative of the department of Journalism and Mass Communication in partnership with UNICEF Assam to introduce Participatory Media through the use of different forms of media technologies. Children issues are usually kept sidelined in the mainstream media except providing them a minimum space in the press and other forms of media outlet. This initiative of the department will help to address the issues related to children (both urban and rural) of Meghalaya by creating awareness of the use of alternative media in showcasing their issues through the form of storytelling. This project also thrives to document the issues of children in the state by students of mass communication and other social sciences, who are the future media practitioners. This exercise of documentation and media training will also help the prospective journalists to understand the nuances of Ethical Journalism.

The Logo

"The very essence of CHIME is vibrancy which the LOGO displays. The outer two colours bonded together in the form of blue and brown in the shape of a “C” as in “Children”, symbolises the initiative of EFLU, Shillong Campus with UNICEF Assam by addressing and highlighting issues of Children through various media formats. The colours saffron, white and green in the inner “C” denotes the colours in the Indian flag. The letters “H,I,M,E” which is marked by different colours: orange, blue, yellow and red are bright colours of which children are most affiliated to.

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