Name Prof. Awadesh Mishra, Director In-Charge
Educational qualification Ph.D (JNU)
Area/Specialization --
Research interest --
Contact --
e-mail --
Name Prof. T.K. Bamon,HOD - English Language Education
Educational qualification Ph.D (NEHU)
Area/Specialization ELE, ELT
Research interest Teacher Education, Classroom Management, Material Production
Contact --
e-mail tkkharbamon@eflushc.ac.in
Name Ms. Sari Rothangpui Khawbung, Assistant Professor
Educational qualification M.A. (NEHU)
Area/Specialization English Literature, Tribal Literature
Research interest North –East Tribal Literature, Hmar Literature, Culture Studies
Contact +91-9436306872
e-mail sari@eflushc.ac.in
Name Dr. Jayati Chatterjee, Assistant Professor
Educational qualification MA (Pune), M.Phil (CIEFL) PGDTE (CIEFL), Ph.D (DU)
Area/Specialization Linguistics (Syntax), ELT
Research interest ELT, Morphology, Syntax, Grammar, Sociolinguistics, Material Production
Contact --
e-mail jayati@eflushc.ac.in
Name Dr. Arzuman Ara, Assistant Professor, Coordinator for MA programme
Educational qualification Ph.D (EFLU, Shillong Campus), MA (NEHU), M.Phil (CIEFL) PGDTE (CIEFL), BCJ(GU),PGDDE,PGDHE, CTE (IGNOU)
Area/Specialization ELT, Education, English Literature, Literary Theory
Research interest Gender Studies, Post Colonial Studies, ELT, Pedagogy
Contact --
e-mail arzumanara@eflushc.ac.in
Name Ms. Rosy Yumnam, Assistant Professor
Educational qualification MA ( Pune)
Area/Specialization ELT, English Literature
Research interest ELT
Contact +91- 9615220415
e-mail rosy@eflushc.ac.in
Name Dr. T.Temsunungsang, Assistant Professor
Educational qualification MA (NEHU), MPhil (HCU), Ph.D (EFLU,Hyderabad)
Area/Specialization Linguistics, Generative Phonology, Tonal Studies, Tibeto- Burman Studies
Research interest Phonology, Morphology, Tonal Studies
Contact +91- 9615678027
e-mail temsu@eflushc.ac.in
Name Dr. Mousumi G. Banerjee, Associate Professor
Educational qualification M.A. (Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata), M.Phil. (Rabindra Bharati University, Kolkata), Ph.D. (Jadavpur University, Kolkata)
Area(s) of Research: Women’s Writing, Victorian’s Women’s Poetry, Emily Dickinson
Research interest Literary Theories, Postmodern Criticisms, Western Philosophy, Text, Language, and Hermeneutics, Poetic Language, Women’s Writing and Writings about Women, Communication Studies, Film Discourse, Twentieth-century Art, Cross-cultural Interfaces
Contact +91 9532104138
e-mail mousumi48@gmail.com
Name Dr. Enukurthi Srinivas
Educational qualification M.A., M.Phil., Ph.D. (Osmania University)
Area(s) of Research American Literature, Film Studies, Literary theory
Research interest American studies, English Literature, Social novel, Black comedy, Films
Contact +91- 9615220415
e-mail srinivas@eflushc.ac.in